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  • 15 Jan You need more than a wish. You need ACTION.

    Everyone makes resolutions at the beginning of the year, but at Teaching Well we’re being more intentional in 2020.  We’re really talking about creating a statement and giving ourselves a plan of action.  Not just a wish and a dream. We’re taking this slowly because......

  • 08 Jan Engage your strengths for Mission Possible

    Alright let’s dive right into our next step of building our Mission Possible Life Plan. If you haven’t checked out the last two weeks, you can catch up here with reflecting on 2019 and here with creating your own personal mission possible statement.   The goal of January is to......

  • 01 Jan Make Your Mission Possible This Year

    Hopefully you are having a wonderful start to 2020.  Honestly, it’s been a little rocky in our little part of the world with both my grandmother passing away and my husband re-injuring his hand and needing surgery next week.  Despite these very real life events,......