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Teaching Well Testimonials
  • 21 Mar No One Will Schedule Self-Care, but You!

    A great definition for self-care are things that no one can do for you, but you.   We are rapidly nearing the end of the school year and work will bring enough of its own challenges.  This time lends itself to focus on self-care for......

  • 03 Sep Add a Little “Calm” to Your Classroom

    We are all looking for ways to add some calm to our classrooms.   Well, look no further than this *free* opportunity a friend shared with  me at the beginning of this school year.  The “Calm” app has announced it’s launching The Calm Classroom Initiative.  This initiative......

  • 27 Aug Free Guide! Creating Mindful Classrooms!

    As a special kickoff to the new school year, here’s a free guide to help integrate mindfulness into your classrooms for both you and your students!  These exercises are for both you and your students, only take a few minutes and can be integrated into......