If it has to do with teacher wellness and finding time for self-care amid a super busy teacher schedule, I CAN HELP.

If you’re interested in learning how to reduce stress and burnout while increasing health and well-being both inside and outside the classroom, YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

For the teachers who are time-crunched and tired.

For the teachers who are stressed and on the brink of burnout.

For the teachers who want to thrive inside and outside the classroom, not just survive.

For the teachers who want real self-care solutions, not just more bandaids on broken bones.


I’m here to show you that there is another way to be a teacher while creating the life you love. 

You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other. 


You can have both.  
I empower time-crunched teachers to prioritize and nourish themselves, so that they can decrease stress and burnout and increase self-care and wellbeing becoming resilient both inside and outside the classroom.

Hi I’m Danielle Nuhfer.


I’m a teacher wellness coach {and a fellow teacher!}  and I help time-crunched teachers find time for self-care.


I work with teachers who love what they do (most of the time) but don’t love how they feel (some of the time): teachers who want to find balance in all areas of their lives without leaving a profession that they love.


I do this without focusing on what’s wrong and instead focus on what is, building on your unique lived experience, school situation, and personal needs.


Instead, I show you how to fill your own self-care and teacher wellness buckets through a variety of different tools and techniques and I do that by offering teacher wellness coaching while also holding space for the real conversations and considerations that arise when we begin integrating these tools into our lives.


That way you don’t blame yourself for “failing” or not doing something right.  Our teaching well community is about learning how to prioritize and nourish ourselves first and {un}learning the messaging that says self-care is selfish.


We are all at different stages of this teaching well journey, but together I know we can teach well together because #weareteachingwell.


And that’s the work I do


About my body of work…




  • Every Sunday, I email you a Weekly Well Wish that will begin your school week with the support and encouragement needed to continue this journey.  Think of it as a way to regularly fill up your self-care bucket. You can sign up to get them here.


  • I will be leading an online small group coaching program called We are Teaching Well.  Get on the waitlist to be the first to find out.


  • If you’d like 1-on-1 teacher wellness coachingSchedule a call so that we can chat!


  • I love working with teachers through professional development sessions in larger venues like schools or conferences {both in person & virtual}. Check out more information here.



  • If you’re interested in checking out some of the places I’ve been asked to teach this work and what teachers and schools are saying, check this out.


If you are ready to join the #weareteachingwell community, then we are ready to meet you where you are!



This work is for you if you are ready to…


  • Develop a deeper understanding of your students and yourself.


  • Stop having as many high stress moments that can potentially ruin your whole day throughout the school year.


  • Get to the root of why your good intentions don’t always work when implementing self-care or other “healthy” habits.


  • Learn techniques to help you de-escalate you and your students’ stressful moments.


  • Create systems that will help you with prioritizing and completing tasks, so that you have more freedom with the time you do have.


  • Stop feeling guilt and shame about all the things you “should” be doing and start feeling great about who you already are.


  • Create a life that meets your professional and personal needs as equitably as possible.


Here’s (in part) what got me ready to do this work:

I have 18 years (and counting) in the classroom as a public educator in the United States.


I have an M Ed (plus lots more credits) and teach graduate courses to teachers about mindfulness and teacher self-care.

I have a graduate certificate in Mindfulness for Experienced Educators where I learned how to integrate mindfulness as a pedagogical tool for the classroom.


I earned a Positive Psychology graduate certificate which influences my intense focus on strength-building instead of only improving weaknesses.  Mindfulness and positive psychology are the lens through which I built the teacher wellness coaching framework.


I am a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor which allows me to specialize in the broad field of mindfulness to the classroom and has taught me how to teach these tools to students but even more importantly how teachers can develop their own practice.  


In Spring 2021, I will be an ICF certified executive and leadership coach which will inform the way I lead both individuals and groups through my teacher wellness coaching program.


I am also Permaculture Design Certified, extensively studied Herbalism, Aromatherapy, and earned a yoga certification from Power Yoga Works.  These trainings have helped to inform my approach to the interconnectedness of all parts of ourselves by using our natural body and observation of natural systems as guides for solution-finding and regenerative living.


I have been sober for 14 years (and counting) and that process of building myself back up from the bottom up through a framework and with community has informed my entire teacher wellness journey.  


In addition, I am a self-coached long distance runner and former triathlete along with an intense student of whole foods and nutrition.  The intersection of these focus areas informs the wellness lens I can bring to the “plate” of the wellness journey.


I am self-taught in the fields of minimalism, habit building, financial freedom, urban homesteading, and self-compassion which has allowed me to go through my own process of letting go of that which no longer serves me and building that which does in both my personal and professional life.

What does all of this mean for you?


You won’t need to spend your precious time wading through mountains of generalized self-care information only to have to orient it yourself to the special job and life considerations of being a teacher.


I bring all of my areas of expertise together while having the unique experience of being in the classroom for almost two decades.   Using a teacher’s lens, I understand that the kinds of people who choose to work with children as a profession are a very special group with unique job considerations.


What this means is that I’ve got the deep training and experience in the education field coupled with a multitude of other experiences in health and wellness (both formal and informal).  This combination allows me to provide you with well-rounded information based on who you are and who you want to be.


I want to save you time in finding and adapting the resources to actually applying the tools to your unique set of circumstances.


Yes the journey is one that will take time, but you will learn a lot about yourself in the process if you choose to work with me and go all in.


But when #weareteachingwell together, then we can lift each other up when one of us is feeling down.  This world of teaching is rewarding but also incredibly tough and what we need now is a place to go to refill our self-care buckets with others who really get it.

Humans who’ve influenced my path & work


  • Mrs. Nancy Sell, my high school creative writing teacher, who gave me the first copy of Long Quiet Highway and encouraged me to write through all my emotions, thoughts, feelings and instilled in me the power of writing and the importance of a teacher who sees their students.


  • Deborah Mitchell for being a consistent person on my journey through work, life, and parenting.  Her support as both a mentor and spiritual guide has been integral in finding my voice.


  • Claire Stanley for guiding me on my personal mindfulness practitioner path.


  • Natalie Goldberg for providing years of books on writing that I find inspiration in, give to others, lose myself in and come back to year after year. With her guidance I found the ability to keeping coming back to my seat.


  • Linda Zogas for showing me the path of yoga and taking me under herr wings throughout the years in all different ways.


  • Melissa Miles for showing me the path of permaculture and how it can inform and provide regenerative solutions for so many of our world’s problems if we only pay attention.


  • Charles Eisenstein for showing me a different way to view the world and its inherent potential.  His writings, thoughts, and philosophies are ones I return to time again when I get distracted or overwhelmed.  And he’s a native Pennsylvanian!


  • Kelly Diels for showing me how to own my voice and let my voice and work lead.


  • Heather Jo Flores for showing me the transformative power and purpose of the heroine’s journey and the importance of exploring the intersection of permaculture, education, self-care and writing.


  • Sean Murphy for showing my 24 year old self how to write from the ground up and then 17 years later edit the first draft of my book.


  • Megan Cowan, Chris McKenna, Pam Dunn, Vinny Ferraro, and Christina Costello from Mindful Schools and providing space to grow as an educator and a meditator.


  • Noah Levine for showing me how recovery from addiction can be informed by Buddhist philosophies.


  • Kristen Neff for showing me self-compassion, one of the key practices of my life.


  • Patricia Jennings for being the voice I could finally hear in regard to mindfulness and education.  Mindfulness for Teachers opened my eyes and heart to how I could apply mindfulness practice to the classroom.


  • For my parents who have always supported me through all of phases of growth (some a little more painful than others), encouraged me to blaze my own path, and instilled in me the importance of gaining knowledge because “no one can take that away from you, no matter what happens in life.”


  • Kelli, Sharon, Sue, Tina and Alicia for being women I learned how to trust and love like sisters.  You showed me how to be a woman with grace and dignity.  Thank you for always knowing what I didn’t not know about myself and loving me until I was able to love myself.


  • Steve Fecho for showing me the healing power of group therapy and how I am worthy of letting love in.


  • Beverly Skinner for being so patient with my naive young self. She let me trip over my words, make mistakes, and find my own way while being right by my side.


  • Kim McCollum-Clark for instilling in me the spark of what an English teacher has the power to be to each of her students. This spark staying alive was what kept me showing up day after day and year after year in spite of the system not being what was promised.


  • For Jordan, my  supportive, loving husband (who is also a beekeeper and a stay-at-home dad) who cares for our young son, our dog, and our little urban homestead.  He is my champion in all things.  His encouragement has enabled me to get up day-after-day and try to take all of these life experiences into something that can be of benefit to others.


  • And the lone entity on this list….local libraries! I would never have been able to get all this supplemental information and do so much independent learning had I not had access to free materials from my local library!   Here are some of the top books that have informed this work that can be found at local libraries: Essentialism, Soul of Education, Last Child in the Woods, Onward, and Invisible Classroom.




Here’s a more official resume or check out this page to hear what others are saying about this work and how we can do this together.