Flip your self-care scripts

This morning my husband looked at me and said, "Whatever your raise is this year, you can decide what you want to do with it." With complete honesty, he paused me in midst of my cleaning and organizing tirade (I do that when I don't feel like I have control over other components of my life) and continued, "We need to do something to keep you happy throughout this school year.  Otherwise you may not make it."   We’re only a few weeks in and he’s already feeling that...

This is the year to experiment with creating a teacher self-care routine

This week marked the 19th anniversary of September 11th.  Although every year I try to honor the day with some kind of remembrance exercise, this year it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I heard a commentator say that this week that in Time magazine the cover will be outlined in black to remember the almost 200,000 Americans who have lost their lives during the pandemic so far.  The last time they made that change to the cover was after 9/11 to remember those we lost. And then...

4 Simple Self-Care Solutions for Teachers

I know we all probably have off tomorrow; although, let’s be honest I’m a teacher and I know I’ve worked part of a Labor Day holiday or gone in over the weekend to finish things for the first weeks of school.  That’s definitely a reality to get it “all done,” but for this year, I want to encourage you to keep your family and friends closer this year and allow your work to follow.  Sure this is a busy season of teacher’s life.  Perhaps the...