Savor the Good! You Made It!

Before heading out on vacation, shutting out all memories of the past school year, and moving forward to the next phase of the calendar, take some time to savor the good of what this last school year brought.   It’s always easier to focus on the things that didn’t go our way and the items we let slip through the cracks.  However by only illuminating those things, we do ourselves a huge disservice.  We are often our biggest critics and others may not know that we need...

We Could All Use a Little Self-Compassion…

I’m sure we have all heard a flight attendant tell us at the beginning of a flight that if the oxygen masks fall from the compartment, put the mask on yourself before helping someone else put his/hers on.  The obvious lesson is you won’t be much help to others if you can’t breathe, so take care of you first and then worry about others.     Albeit trite, these important instructions extend in usefulness way beyond the flight scenario.  As educators, we have an enormous capacity to...