The Time for Teacher Self-Care is N.O.W.

I’m going to add another acronym to our already filled bucket of education related words standing for initiatives and programs.  But this one is different. This one is for us. Today I’m going to propose the initiative: Teacher Self-Care N.O.W. (Not Only Weekends).  What this means to me is the end of the white knuckling to the weekends to get extra sleep, catch up on whatever, and generally regroup after another hectic week of teacher life. What Teacher Self-Care NOW means is that we no longer...

4 Tips for Self-Compassion for Teachers

I’m sure we have all heard a flight attendant tell us at the beginning of a flight that if the oxygen masks fall from the compartment, put the mask on yourself before helping someone else put his/hers on.  The obvious lesson is you won’t be much help to others if you can’t breathe, so take care of you first and then worry about others.   Albeit trite, these important instructions extend in usefulness way beyond the flight scenario.  As educators, we have an enormous capacity to care...

Take the Sick Day if You Need It

We’ve all had the uncontrollable come true: an emerging scratchy throat or pulsing headache,  waking up with body aches or an urgent emergency bathroom trip. We’ve all had the choice…to go in and face the day or to create sub plans and try to forget about what disasters may or may not occur when we’re not the ones standing by the door to greet our little cherubs in the morning.   Here’s what I’ve come to learn in the midst of tossing and turning not sure...