Transform time-sucking problems into time-saving solutions

As teachers we always stay late, go in early or  take work home on the weekends (or some combination of all three).  We do this without thinking. We do this because education seems to perpetuate a culture of give, give, give without question. As one of my friends says, you don’t have to set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.   And that’s what I’m here to offer you in this free guide. The ability to not work yourself into overwhelm and...

Pillar 7 {Relationships} Summer of Self-Care

Now that we’ve gone through these self-care pillars all summer long you have taken time to look at many different facets of your life.  As humans, one of the things that we yearn for most is connecting with others. Many of these self-care pillars probably included considerations for others in your life, but this week we are making it our deliberate focus.   I hope you enjoy spending this last week of our self-care summer connecting with others, whether they be a significant other, a child,...

Pillar 6 {Fun, Play & Flow} Summer of Self-Care

Hopefully you have found some time to have fun this summer, if you haven’t been intentional about fun, then this week’s pillar of self-care is for you! This week we’re focusing on fun, play, and flow.  In my experience, we often reserve these kinds of activities to the bottom of our to-do list and perhaps don't ever get around to having fun and just playing.  But this week just plan on HAVING FUN!  Resources for the Week 1.Listen (or read) the NPREd Broadcast "Play Doesn't End With Childhood:...