Pillar 2 {Purpose & Passion} Summer of Self-Care

Hopefully you were able to dive into your own personal growth aspirations last week and created a SMART goal to help guide you.  If you haven’t yet shared it, please feel free to hit reply or jump over to our group to share it now. The more we share these things the more accountable we will be for each other. Just to let you know that I’m in this with you...

Top 10 Teacher Apps, Books, and Podcasts to Check Out this Summer

There are so many incredible resources and so little time!  We have narrowed down the field of some books, apps, and podcasts to check out this summer to save you the trouble of wading through all the things yourself. These are not affiliates, I simply just believe in promoting the great things that are available to you and wanted to pass on some of the resources that I have found helpful and inspiring. Books Atomic Habits by James Clear This is my newest favorite habit creating book.  James Clear...