Feeling anxious? Teacher, you’re not alone.

When I walked into work on Friday, a coworker saw me and said how she was really freaking out about the unknown potential of the coronavirus.  She said that the one thing she tried to do in the midst of it was to breathe. She paused; she breathed. That moment of pause didn't give her all the answers but it allowed her to calm down and regroup. I know she didn't know it, but her sharing that reminded me of how I needed to...

The Time for Teacher Self-Care is N.O.W.

I’m going to add another acronym to our already filled bucket of education related words standing for initiatives and programs.  But this one is different. This one is for us. Today I’m going to propose the initiative: Teacher Self-Care N.O.W. (Not Only Weekends).  What this means to me is the end of the white knuckling to the weekends to get extra sleep, catch up on whatever, and generally regroup after another hectic week of teacher life. What Teacher Self-Care NOW means is that we no longer...