Make Your Mission Possible This Year

Hopefully you are having a wonderful start to 2020.  Honestly, it’s been a little rocky in our little part of the world with both my grandmother passing away and my husband re-injuring his hand and needing surgery next week.  Despite these very real life events, I’m confident that there is joy in the journey and I know we will come out the other side stronger and wiser than before. Because “life stuff” always happens...

What’s Your Self-Care Story?

With the year (and decade) rapidly coming to a close, you may start to have an urge to do a little reflection.  As teachers, we’re always encouraged to reflect, but then what do you do with the information? With a severe lack of time and resources, reflection may be something that often gets thrown by the wayside in the rapid hustle and bustle of the daily grind. But here’s the problem.  If we don’t spend time reflecting, we will never do anything differently and what...

Workout your self-care muscles {Part 3}

Self-care opportunity with no appointment needed! As these weeks are closing out in 2019, we’re taking small steps of self-care to increase our motivation.  Instead of saying we’ll change what we’re doing after this busy time, we’re making an effort to take some action for ourselves so that when the new year arrives, we may be in a much more motivated space. The first week we worked on doing a small activity or being kind to our bodies in some way.  Last week, we tackled a nagging...