Staying Mindful (and maybe a little more sane) for the Holidays

  This month between Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation can be a bit energetic in the classroom.  There is hustle and bustle.  There is often a heightened stress that comes with students both anxious for and sometimes terrified of what the holidays may bring.  Families can be a source of happiness and good memories, while they can also be the impetus for a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.  Balancing the needs of all students during this time can be a challenging job, especially during this time.  A...

A Simple Way to Create Healthy Habits

Being classroom teachers, we’ve all had experience in trying to create large scale behavior that will allow us to do our jobs a little more easily and allow the class to function as a whole, doing the activities the way we need them done.  We don’t refer to it in this way, but we’re creating whole class habits.  We create these routines or habits with our students and when they enter our classroom, they know exactly what to do (after some initial learning).  Most students...

Create Healthy Habits with Pairing

  We all have good intentions and most of us probably want to wake up each morning feeling like we have some illusion of control over our lives, like we have the power of choice about how we spend our time and energy.  If you’re reading this blog, you probably have an interest in lessening stress, creating a calmer classroom, and/or finding balance between school and home.   If we wake up each morning and  find ourselves wishing for some relief from our day to day schedule, the...