3 Solutions to the Dark Side of Summer Vacation

Last week's article was all about the "dark days" of a teacher's summer vacation. Because this is something that seems to impact many teachers to some extent each year, it seems to be something to address. So what's a teacher to do who is feeling a little lost, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed with the open schedule ahead (but doesn't really want to talk about it for fear that those not in the teaching profession simply wouldn't understand)? Because at Teaching Well we always like to...

Savor the Good! You Made It!

Before heading out on vacation, shutting out all memories of the past school year, and moving forward to the next phase of the calendar, take some time to savor the good of what this last school year brought.   It’s always easier to focus on the things that didn’t go our way and the items we let slip through the cracks.  However by only illuminating those things, we do ourselves a huge disservice.  We are often our biggest critics and others may not know that we need...