Four (and a Bonus) Tips to Master the Morning Routine

The morning routine can look very different depending on who you talk to.  Sometimes it can look harried and scattered, while sometimes it can be peaceful and serene.  Regardless of what each person’s morning routine looks like, one thing can probably be agreed upon: how our days begin can really set the tone for the rest of our waking hours.   I don’t know if I ever considered myself a “morning person” but somewhere along the line, I realized that if I do certain things in...

Part 4-Why the **** are We So Stressed? And what can we do about it today?

This is Part 4 in a four part series about why the **** we are so stressed. Part 1 was about how worrying about things we can’t control causes our stress levels to escalate (and some simple solutions to help us manage this stress). Part 2 was all about how staying connected all the time can amp up our stress.  Part 3 was about how staying busy keeps us stuck in stress.  This week we’re moving on to the final reason…   So moving on to the...