4 Steps to Finding Your Lost Time

Last week we talked about giving ourselves permission to start prioritizing ourselves so that we can be our best both inside and outside of the classroom.   You may be thinking why give myself permission?  I don’t have time to do anything about how I feel?  I’m busy damnit.”  But if you’ve made a commitment to prioritize yourself, one of the first things you can do is to try to reclaim some of your time.  Are you REALLY busy or do you just feel REALLY busy?   Our...

You have permission: the time for self-care is now!

There are definite seasons of a teacher's school year.  This time of year always seems to be to be a little tough.  We're over the half way point, but not so close to finish line that there's a feeling of elation quite yet.  In this season, I also am feeling pretty comfortable about my schedule and about the rhythm of the school days.  However, during this time I may also realize have taken on some habits that I'd like to keep in check or eliminate for...

It’s time to stop playing small

Did you know…. You are more powerful than you will ever know and more important than you will ever think. That is not a joke or an exaggeration, that is the truth. This week we are writing the last part of our Mission Possible statements and this is the week that we realize that IF WE DON’T complete our Mission Possible statements, complete those critical actions, develop those key characteristics, to ultimately make our mission possible,  A LOT OF PEOPLE MAY NEVER BE INSPIRED IN THEIR OWN LIVES OR LEARN SOMETHING FROM...