Are you harboring self-care resentments?

I was a guest speaker at a school for teachers on mindfulness and during the short break a teacher came up to me to chat.  This happens often when there’s a break, as people like to chit chat about mindfulness practices or about what they’ve tried already in their classrooms.   This conversation was not that. I was not ready for the conversation that ensued during the short 15 minute break. This teacher was congenial, kind, professional, but as the niceties subsided he said something to me that I...

3 Resources to a School Self-Care Routine

I'm mixing it up again this week to share with you THREE different resources about how to create a school self-care routine. I like to differentiate these resources from others you may hear about self-care because they are simple, actionable steps you can start doing in your school day IMMEDIATELY, not self-care that requires an appointment or an expense. Too often we only talk about self-care in grand terms, rather than small actionable, repeatable steps that over time will add up to significant results. So this...

Say no to additional commitments to say yes to you.  

As teachers we all want to bring things home because we are never really finished.  Our days never truly end. As the last student leaves the room screaming goodbye as he or she runs down the hall, we plop into our seat, sigh a heavy breath, look up at the ceiling and wonder where to start.     Do we piece our rooms back together? Check the email we haven’t looked at since morning? Grade the pile of papers we collected throughout the day? Finalize our plans for...