Create Healthy Habits with Pairing

We all have good intentions and most of us probably want to wake up each morning feeling like we have some illusion of control over our lives, like we have the power of choice about how we spend our time and energy.  If you’re reading this blog, you probably have an interest in lessening stress, creating a calmer classroom, and/or finding balance between school and home. If we wake up each morning and  find ourselves wishing for some relief from our day to day schedule, the...

Make an Intention to Hunt for the Good

After last week’s blog I started to think about the idea that our brains are hardwired towards a negativity bias.  But I also know that it’s possible to change the neural pathways of our brains through hunting the good or finding positive in situations.  So how does this cycle work in our classrooms?  Why if we KNOW these things, does it not suddenly show up as habit in our classrooms?  The short answer is that it takes time to rewire our brains.  But “neurons that...

Four (and a Bonus) Tips to Master the Morning Routine

The morning routine can look very different depending on who you talk to.  Sometimes it can look harried and scattered, while sometimes it can be peaceful and serene.  Regardless of what each person’s morning routine looks like, one thing can probably be agreed upon: how our days begin can really set the tone for the rest of our waking hours.   I don’t know if I ever considered myself a “morning person” but somewhere along the line, I realized that if I do certain things in...