Teachers, it all starts with you!

Teachers, it starts with you!   It all starts with you.  Yep, you.  I’m talking to you.  Although many of us could have probably told the researchers the outcome of their many studies, research has shown that among school-related factors teachers matter most when it comes to student performance, even more than services, facilities or leadership.     So that’s what the research has shown; it’s unclear if this will change how the teaching profession is perceived.  It’s unclear if that will change our educational system.  It’s unclear if...

Life hacks for a Balanced Schedule

School has recently started for many of us and I know that it may have been a little bumpy getting started, getting into the swing of things, figuring out how to create a schedule that works for all parts of your life and sticking to those things that we want to spend our time doing for our health, well-being and happiness and those things that we feel we have to do.  If you are experiencing (or ever have experienced) this invisible, yet very real pull,...

Applying Minimalism to the Classroom

The topic of minimalism has been popping up all around me the past few weeks.  I have listened to people talking about applying this concept to their homes, lifestyles, and businesses.  I have heard the dramatic impact this movement has had on people, allowing them to get rid of clutter and bring in more of what is important in their lives.  According to the website, The Minimalists (, “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so...