Make the Rest of Your Days Count this Summer!

Everyone who knows I’m a teacher likes to ask me how I’m doing about going back to school about half way through the summer.  I swear, after the 4th of July, neighbors, friends and family members ask me when I go back and how I’m feeling about it.  It used to get in my head.  It used to stress me out.  If you are growing tired about having those questions pummeled at you throughout the late summer months, here are some techniques to try to...

Building Community is a Great Way to Build Health

  You may not equate community building and health building, but one simple way to build well being is to build relationships in your community.  Your community could be any group that you are a part of: church, school, neighborhood, etc.     So just as community building in our classrooms helps to create better relationships, lessen classroom management occurrences and provide students with a feeling of safety and security, building community relationships outside of school can help to create those same benefits in our lives.     We understand...

It’s Retreat Week!

While we're away this week at the annual Mindfulness for Educators retreat, take some time to create your own retreat.  What can you do this week to take care of yourself? Find some time for you? Slow down? Do something you love?   What are you doing for yourself during retreat week?  Add your comments below to share all of the great ways to retreat all in the comfort of your own home...