Tips to Rekindle Your Relationship (with teaching)

This month’s happiness project was all about rediscovering a career as a calling.  My mission was to find ways to help rekindle my relationship with teaching.  The following is not an exhaustive list, but the following activities certainly helped me see my job and role as a teacher with new eyes.  This certainly does not mean that I will never need to explore this job in a new way, but for now I’ve cultivated a real appreciation for the work I am blessed to do...

We Can be the Solution to Our Stress!

  It seems one of the biggest challenges with teaching is that work is not something that is limited to when you enter school to when you leave at the end of the day.  Most of us take the word “teacher” with us wherever we go.  For many of us it’s a badge we wear with pride.     However wearing this badge all the time comes with added stress.  How can we be our most effective yet still not work round the clock?  How do we uphold...

What about only focusing on your strengths?

How often are we told to improve our weaknesses?  How often do we have test remediation for students in the hopes that they will do better in a certain subject area while not worrying about increasing or emphasizing the very subject or thing they are good at?  This overemphasis on improving weakness while letting our strengths hang out potentially produces a whole lot of average people.  And we know our students are anything but average.   In this month of April (which for all of my Pennsylvania...