The Key to Increasing Physical Well-Being is Easier Than You Think!

  There are countless exercise regiments and workouts, numerous theories, gadgets and accouterments to help increase physical activity.  But today, I’m going to cut through all of the data and red tape and give you the straight information.     The bottom line is that just moving more will increase your health and well-being.  Period.  You don’t have to join a gym, take hours to lift weights every day, or pay for yoga classes...

Seven Steps to Successful Sleep

Many wellness professionals have determined that sleep health may help more with overall health than exercise and diet combined!  If you’re ready to start increasing your sleep health, check out the following seven steps!   Take a nap if you need it Make it super dark Unplug early Use airplane mode Create a calming routine Keep a notepad by your bedside Minimize your bedroom clutter   Take a nap if you need it Please, take a nap if you’re tired...