Part 1-Why the **** are we so stressed? And what can we do about it today?

There are many reasons teachers are so stressed and the burnout rate in our profession is rapidly increasing.  It is estimated that fifty percent of new teachers leave the profession in the first five years of teaching.  Veteran teachers may not leave the profession as steadily, but it may at the expense of their health and well-being. So why the **** are we so stressed?  There are many reasons that stress exists for us as teachers...

Self-Care Hacks Revealed

Here are some simple self-care hacks if you are still finding it difficult to find time, justify to yourself it’s necessary or don’t know where to start. Simplify Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge production or a large scale event.  Keep it simple and it’s sure to be something that becomes a part of a regular routine.  Think about where a simple gesture, moment or treat can fit into your schedule and just do it!  Some ideas could be to go for a walk by yourself,...

No One Will Schedule Self-Care, but You!

A great definition for self-care are things that no one can do for you, but you. We are rapidly nearing the end of the school year and work will bring enough of its own challenges.  This time lends itself to focus on self-care for many reasons but most importantly, it may help balance the tremendous workload the end of the school year brings.   Furthermore there is a sense of finality at the end of the year where teachers may find it easier to schedule those moments...