Who’s Ready for Some Fun?

This month’s happiness focus is a big deal for me. You see, I’m not too crazy.  I’m not overly adventurous.  I’m often found feeling like I’m the fun police trying to ruin everyone’s good time with my serious schedule and never-ending to do list.   Adventurous is watching a movie on Friday night and crawling into bed at 9 to read my book instead of at 8 (like on most other nights!).   Going to bed early and being organized is one thing, but I often find myself...

February Happiness Project Update

February was all about building better relationships, with those in my family, school and even strangers.  It started with three resolutions: Creating new routines, making the first call, and reaching out just because.  Throughout the month, these resolutions took on different meanings than I had originally intended but I think that was a good thing.     Let me explain…   Resolution #1 Creating new routines…   So, this one seems to just be getting started.  Because my birthday is in February, we already had a tradition of getting together this month....