Make an after school date…with yourself!

Hello my fellow teacher friends, This week is the FINAL part of the framework for a daily school self-care routine.  In case you missed any of the others, here are links to Quiet Time, Intention Setting, and Reflection. This final part is the art of closing one door, to open the other.  It's the actual physical choice of creating space between your work life and your life outside of work.  The self-care solution is WORK TRANSITION. What is Work Transitioning and why is it important in our wellness...


I read an article this week about the dangers of toxic positivity on teachers' health and well being, and it really resonated with me.  So often (too often) teachers put on a brave face, a stiff upper lip, they get the work done.  Even during the best of times, there is a general experience of teachers everywhere that things are challenging.  But we continually rise to the challenge. But what I want to posit to each of you is...

Stressed? Set a Self-Care Intention.

I know you're in the middle of making great things happen, juggling tons of tasks, or are taking a quick break in the midst of virtual/in person/hybrid teacher duties, so I'll keep this short and sweet. Last week we talked about finding five minutes of QUIET TME for a self-care respite.  Check out the full article {HERE} if you missed it. This week is about another self-care moment to find in our day: SETTING INTENTION.  It may sound silly or woo-woo but if you have ever felt like...