Resolve to Incline Your Mind to Happiness!

Our brains were not designed to focus on the good things in life, we have evolved from hunting, primal beings whose brains worked very hard to keep us safely out of danger through its fight or flight alert system.  For the most part, we aren’t outrunning wild animals and regularly fending for our lives, but our brains still have our backs: constantly looking for threats around every corner.  So we could say our brains are inclined to look for the negative which was very helpful...

Mindfulness for Students: Holiday Edition

In the consideration of time, this week’s blog is going to be short and sweet.   Last week we looked at what you could do to bring some mindfulness to your life during the holiday season, today is going to be a real quick list for some mini-mindful activities/moments to try with your students.   Regardless of what you have planned, focusing on breathing, gratitude and slowing down may be some great themes to balance the busyness and excitement of this season.   Balloon breathing OR Ocean Breathing This is a great...

Staying Mindful (and maybe a little more sane) for the Holidays

  This month between Thanksgiving and Christmas vacation can be a bit energetic in the classroom.  There is hustle and bustle.  There is often a heightened stress that comes with students both anxious for and sometimes terrified of what the holidays may bring.  Families can be a source of happiness and good memories, while they can also be the impetus for a lot of anxiety and uncertainty.  Balancing the needs of all students during this time can be a challenging job, especially during this time.  A...