What can you learn from a month of play and fun?

Before starting this project, I thought my month of play needed to consist of lots of practical jokes, laughing until my stomach hurt and just being plain silly.  Although I did laugh more and had fun, spending a month trying to integrate play into my life turned out to be much more than just moments of silly practical joking.   In fact, I actually learned that I just may not be as dull and boring as I often think I am.  I just need to spruce it...

Mindfulness Classroom Games

  It’s getting to be that time of year.  The days are getting longer, the temperature is a little warmer, the students are squirming in their seats a little more quickly.  Sometimes this is exactly when having some extra tools in your toolbox may save you a little stress.     To help fill that toolbox, here are some mindfulness classroom games that you can play at school (or at home) that may help everyone involved practice mindfulness while providing the added benefit of stress reduction (and have...