The Time for Self Care is Now!

Not many teachers put themselves first when it comes to self care and this fact may be one of the major reasons for teacher burnout running rampant throughout the country.  Now, you may argue that burnout is caused by the rising amount of work, the incessant lack of support, the growing demands, the rising expectations and the lack of funding.  It would seem that all of those things also have an impact on many teachers not even entering the profession and almost half leaving the...

Finding Mindful Moments

How many of your days and weeks seem to run together?  You start fresh on a Monday morning and then by Friday you have no idea what happened to your week.  It all becomes one big blur to the finish and then you start all over again after a brief weekend reprieve.  Does any of that consistent running sound familiar?   If you’re sick of the running and remembering your weeks as one big blur, there may be a solution that could work for you...