Self-Care Hacks Revealed

Here are some simple self-care hacks if you are still finding it difficult to find time, justify to yourself it’s necessary or don’t know where to start.   Simplify   Self-care doesn’t have to be a huge production or a large scale event.  Keep it simple and it’s sure to be something that becomes a part of a regular routine.  Think about where a simple gesture, moment or treat can fit into your schedule and just do it!  Some ideas could be to go for a walk by yourself,...

Mindfulness Books to Read this Summer!

You may have the list of easy beach reads to break out this summer or plan on trying to finally find the time to muddle through the novel that you started in January and fell asleep reading each time you find a spare moment.  By all means, finish those books!   But if you are looking for some book recommendations that can provide you with some foundational knowledge about mindfulness and increasing well being, books that you can ruminate on throughout the summer or books that may...

Mindfulness Apps to Try This Summer

  Summer can mean many different things to different teachers.  It can mean catching up on sleep, taking longer than twenty minutes to eat lunch or going to the bathroom when nature calls not just when a bell rings.  Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer, one thing that is definitely unarguable is that summer vacation looks drastically different than the school year.     In the event you would like to try some new things this summer, create some new habits or take care of...