What about only focusing on your strengths?

How often are we told to improve our weaknesses?  How often do we have test remediation for students in the hopes that they will do better in a certain subject area while not worrying about increasing or emphasizing the very subject or thing they are good at?  This overemphasis on improving weakness while letting our strengths hang out potentially produces a whole lot of average people.  And we know our students are anything but average.   In this month of April (which for all of my Pennsylvania...

Teaching: A Calling or Just a Really Stressful Job?

Most teachers didn’t enter the classroom on a whim.  For most of us, working with children was a clear calling earlier in our lives.  Maybe we didn’t say “teacher” the first time our guidance counselor asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, but upon further investigation our dispositions, talents, and strengths led us to enrolling in an education program in college and the rest as they say, is history.     But if this career is such a calling, why is the teacher...

What can you learn from a month of play and fun?

Before starting this project, I thought my month of play needed to consist of lots of practical jokes, laughing until my stomach hurt and just being plain silly.  Although I did laugh more and had fun, spending a month trying to integrate play into my life turned out to be much more than just moments of silly practical joking.   In fact, I actually learned that I just may not be as dull and boring as I often think I am.  I just need to spruce it...