3 Wellness Pillars

Our mission at Teaching Well is to help and support teachers on their way to finding and sustaining balance and wellness inside and outside the classroom. This sounds really great, but there are lots of things people can think of when they see the word “wellness”.  So today’s post is going to share what practices we will really be focusing on when we talk about sustaining wellness at Teaching Well.     The three major components we will focus on in our services, content, and offerings are… -Mindfulness -Positive...

Get the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is here: there are no papers to grade, students to wrangle or bells to dictate when you can run to the bathroom and scarf down lunch.  Without all of those obstacles, now is a perfect opportunity to begin building a routine that supports your well-being and helps you get the most out of your summer vacation.  By taking care of yourself and enjoying your summer, you are much more likely to figure out a feasible plan to continue this self care when the school...

Is Your Classroom a Community?

It seems like all I’ve done my entire life is go to school or teach at a school.  I have been either teacher or student.  When I’m not in a school being the teacher, I am the student being taught.  I am either in the classroom learning about the field or in the field applying what I’ve learned.  From this research, I have heard a variety of techniques and methods for being the most effective teacher in the classroom and there is something that continues...