Book Review: The Classroom of Choice

Community building, empowering students, having fun and learning how to cooperate are not pivotal new ideas in the realm of classroom management and education.  However, there was something about Jonathan Erwin’s The Classroom of Choice, Giving Students What They Need and Getting What You Want that really got my attention when I was introduced to it earlier this year in a graduate class.   The heart of The Classroom of Choice lies in William Glasser’s Choice Theory and its five basic human needs: survival and security, love...

Summer Reflections and New Year Resolutions

The new school year has only just started, and summer is still faintly in the air (although fading quickly with the celebration of Labor Day).  To ensure that we keep some of that summertime feeling with us, as we head into the fall season and potentially get swept away in the rigor and demands of the school year, why not spend a few minutes reflecting on our summer and creating some resolutions for our new school year?     Now I know you may be thinking about...