Summer Reflections and New Year Resolutions

The new school year has only just started, and summer is still faintly in the air (although fading quickly with the celebration of Labor Day).  To ensure that we keep some of that summertime feeling with us, as we head into the fall season and potentially get swept away in the rigor and demands of the school year, why not spend a few minutes reflecting on our summer and creating some resolutions for our new school year?     Now I know you may be thinking about...

Simple Classroom Community Building Activities

As the new school year is about to start and we are getting our class rosters, we are inevitably going to begin thinking about the first day of school.  How do we start our year off right?  What are we going to do differently this year?  What do we like about our first day routines?  How am I going to take teach this lovely bunch of students each day? How are we going to coexist peacefully and actually learn from each other in this tiny...