5 Ways to Wellness

We all throw around the words health and wellness but what do they really mean on an individual level?  Is it about nutrition?  Is it about exercise?  Is it about mental health?  Because it seems that with every person, we would have a different answer, I went back to the original source, to a man named Halbert Dunn.  Dr. Dunn proposed in 1961 that wellness consisted of five key components...

5 Takeaways from Conference to Classroom

They can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.  They can be exciting and mind racing.  They can be boring and tedious.  They can be a gift to yourself or a punishment from your principal.  They can be a day off school or a day having to make sub plans.  What do all these things have in common?  They are all the ways I’ve felt about going to educational conferences.  Sometimes they are great.  Sometimes not so great.  Sometimes I felt honored to get to go.  Sometimes I...