20 Tips for a C.A.L.M. Classroom Using Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Learning

In the midst of back to school (or whatever that means to you) I just wanted to offer you a little sneak peek into last week’s workshop on mindfulness and social-emotional learning for teachers.: Creating a C.A.L.M. Classroom for You and Your students.    If you are in need of a simple framework that you can try to help build relationships, move content learning forward, find a little space to breathe, create a consistent routine for you and your students AND provide them with tools for practicing...

Building Teacher Resilience: Mindfulness for Teachers

I don't know about you, but these last few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least.  To put it mildly my teacher resilience is already being challenged-- going back to the classroom, not going back to the classroom, some kids coming back to the classroom-- none of it is going to be easy.  And none of us can really prepare for anything certain. Except I'm certain it will be uncertain. For our own peace of mind, we need to practice getting comfortable with the uncertainty. And finding...