Take the Sick Day if You Need It

We’ve all had the uncontrollable come true: an emerging scratchy throat or pulsing headache,  waking up with body aches or an urgent emergency bathroom trip. We’ve all had the choice…to go in and face the day or to create sub plans and try to forget about what disasters may or may not occur when we’re not the ones standing by the door to greet our little cherubs in the morning.   Here’s what I’ve come to learn in the midst of tossing and turning not sure...

Minimize Your Classroom to Maximize Your Time

The topic of minimalism has been popping up all around me the past few weeks.  I have listened to people talking about applying this concept to their homes, lifestyles, and businesses.  I have heard the dramatic impact this movement has had on people, allowing them to get rid of clutter and bring in more of what is important in their lives.  According to the website, The Minimalists (www.theminimalists.com), “Minimalism is a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you...

4 Steps to Finding Your Lost Time

Last week we talked about giving ourselves permission to start prioritizing ourselves so that we can be our best both inside and outside of the classroom.   You may be thinking why give myself permission?  I don’t have time to do anything about how I feel?  I’m busy damnit.”  But if you’ve made a commitment to prioritize yourself, one of the first things you can do is to try to reclaim some of your time.  Are you REALLY busy or do you just feel REALLY busy?   Our...