Online Course (OLDER)

Are you an educator

who wants to learn a skill that will help alleviate both teacher and student stress and anxiety?

who wants to take a useful course with immediately applicable material AND will work with your busy schedule?

who wants to learn more about mindfulness but doesn’t know where to start?

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 3 Credit Graduate Level Course

6 Week Online Course

Mindfulness for Teachers & Their Students




The goal of this course is to expand the teacher’s knowledge of mindfulness practices, and as a result of new learning, integrate concepts into his/her classroom accordingly which may result in increased teacher engagement and more effective classroom management, ultimately creating a more conducive learning environment for students.


Participants will learn


  • Analyze the theory and practice of mindfulness and how it can inform classroom experiences through taking/analyzing results of mindfulness surveys and setting classroom goals. 


  • Design and implement a plan to integrate mindful moments using basic mindfulness practices into their schedule to improve personal health and well-being through intention writing and creating SMART goals.


  • Critique and evaluate scientific evidence related to varying mindfulness topics through a combination of resources and apply relevant information to classroom. 


  • Analyze the concepts of mindfulness of thoughts/emotions, mindful communication, gratitude and self-compassion and through reflective activities experience how these practices can increase health and well-being. 


  • Demonstrate how mindfulness can work in a classroom setting and help inform teaching practice through analyzing classroom scripts and summarizing, describing and analyzing mindful and not-so-mindful moments. 


  • Analyze the objectives, resources, wants and needs of their particular school district and create a plan to introduce the basic concepts of mindfulness to fellow teachers and administration.



“Practicing mindfulness has helped me to handle stress more effectively. It not only helps me calm down in the classroom in certain situations, but it also teaches the students that it is possible to control your reactions.”


“Once I was able to use/master the mindfulness skills in my personal life, I naturally carried my behaviors into the classroom.”


“I was able to start applying the information and practices immediately and found that it did impact my teaching in positive ways.”


“I feel like my classroom has become a more peaceful and productive environment.”


“I am now able to recognize changes in my body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing as indicators of my mental fitness and adjust accordingly.”


“Mindfulness has helped me to be less stressed overall at school as well as at home.”