Pillar 2 {Purpose & Passion} Summer of Self-Care

Hopefully you were able to dive into your own personal growth aspirations last week and created a SMART goal to help guide you.  If you haven’t yet shared it, please feel free to hit reply or jump over to our group to share it now. The more we share these things the more accountable we will be for each other.

Just to let you know that I’m in this with you…my self-care SMART Goal is to commit to my Morning Routine each day.  In case you’re interested, my morning routine is committing to a combination of mindfulness, writing, exercising and reading.   My goal is to spend about 10 minutes on each activity, each morning. Some days are more, some are less…but I’m trying to stay committed to this routine each morning.

This week we’re moving to our next pillar…Purpose & Passion.  This is a big topic for just one week. Because we are teachers, we may have always felt like we had a “passion” for teaching and that it helped us to have a sense of purpose in our lives.  I know that has always been a reason why I love being an educator…the job provides me with a purpose driven career.

But sometimes this idea of “finding our passion” can be a stressful thing to undertake.  I know for me I often have felt a little lost when someone asks me what my passion is and we’re not about adding stress to our summer, we’re about supporting opportunities for our own self-care, 

So the resources this week are just getting you to perhaps reframe the idea of passion and purpose, think about who you are, and what makes you tick. These thought exercises support self-care because you may discover some things about yourself and be able to explore those areas of your life that you may have neglected in the past, but now want to re-discover. 

So here are some resources to explore this week…

Elizabeth Gilbert: The Curiosity-Driven Life 

Sparktype Test

Enneagram Personality Test

Here are some actions to take this week…

  • Listen to the talk and take the “tests.”
  • Journal about how you may want to reframe what it means to find your passion based on both the talk and test results.  
    • Do you think the results are accurate and how does this information transfer into your life overall? 
    • As an educator? As a parent? As a family member? As a community member?
  • Share your reflection at least one way (bonus points for multiple ways!)…
    • Email me with some of your reflections.
    • Post it to our We are Teaching Well Facebook Group
    • Post your reflection in the comment section here
    • Share it with a friend, family member or someone else who will help you stay accountable.

Has any of this process of reflection about your purpose & passion supported your SMART Goal?  Is there anything you’ve discovered about yourself that you want to explore more during these next few weeks?

If one of your goals is to create a more balanced daily self-care routine, please check out Teaching Well’s FREE COURSE 4 Self-Care Solutions in Five Minutes a Day.

Check out our collection of resources supporting teacher health and well-being!
Danielle Nuhfer

Here are a few titles I go by...teacher, student, gardener, runner, nature-lover, writer and meditator. I care deeply about my own journey to wellness and want to inspire others to walk this path. Inspiring others to discover the value of mindfulness, positive psychology and other holistic health practices is my life's work.

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