Pillar 1 {Personal Growth} Summer of Self-Care

As we’ve talked about the past few weeks, summer can be a glorious yet intimidating time.  We have so many aspirations and plans but we ironically often feel overwhelmed by the freedom.  

To support this common experience and try to find ways to tame this overwhelm, I thought it might helpful to scaffold the summer…haha….and not expect us to do “all the things” right away, but instead start each week with a self-care topic and take some action, if it’s something that interests you.

The hope is that by the end of the summer, you will have enjoyed a little self-care, rejuvenated yourself, and feel refreshed and ready to embark on a new school year.

But let’s not start thinking about a new year…we’re only at the beginning of this summer.

Each week you will get different resources pertaining to a specific self-care topic and then a suggested action to try to take that week.

Here are the Seven Pillars of Self-Care we will touch on this summer…

Personal Growth


Physical Environment

Financial Life




So the best way I know how to start with self-care is to find out where you’re at and where you want to be…so that’s why we’ll start with Personal Growth.

This pillar is about exploring and becoming aware of where you are right now, what’s working, what’s not and what you want for your future self.

So here are some resources to explore this week…

Wheel of Life Assessment

Self-Care in Daily Life

Self-Care SMART Goal 

Learn to Shine Bright: The Importance of Self-Care for Teachers

Here are the actions to take this week…

  • Create a SMART Goal based on what came up for you when exploring the resources
  • Share it at least one way (bonus points for multiple ways!)…
    • Email me with your goal
    • Post it to our We are Teaching Well Facebook Group
    • Post your SMART goal in the comment section here
    • Share it with a friend, family member or someone else who will help you be accountable and support you.

Enjoy the peaceful process of personal growth that you have an opportunity to explore right now.  I can’t wait to hear what you come up with and hopefully the other pillars will support the goal you’ve created for yourself!

If one of your goals is to create a more balanced daily self-care routine, please check out Teaching Well’s FREE COURSE 4 Self-Care Solutions in Five Minutes a Day.

Check out our collection of resources supporting teacher health and well-being!
Danielle Nuhfer

Here are a few titles I go by...teacher, student, gardener, runner, nature-lover, writer and meditator. I care deeply about my own journey to wellness and want to inspire others to walk this path. Inspiring others to discover the value of mindfulness, positive psychology and other holistic health practices is my life's work.

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