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Join us in We are Teaching Well¬†… Our Closed Facebook Group


This group is for educators who are looking for ways to reduce stress and burnout while developing wellness and balance inside and outside the classroom.


The group is meant to be a community where we can all support and empower one another on this journey!


When we take care of ourselves, we can be our best for our students but we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first!


That is what this group is all about…empowering teachers to care for ourselves so that we can be our best in our classroom and beyond.

Teaching Well’s Mindfulness Articles

Six Ways to Practice Mindfulness While Having Fun, Natural Awakenings, February 2019

Mindfulness & Education Books
Wellness Apps
  • Calm…FREE for teachers!¬† Great mindfulness app for classroom and personal use!
  • Happify…Great app to help build emotional health and well-being through their extensive tailored programs.
  • Insight Timer…FREE app to listen to guided meditations, connect with others and keep track of your progress.
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