Are you an educator

who wants to stop feeling so stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you a district administrator

who understands how integral teacher well-being is to the health of the entire school?

Are you a building principal

who wants to introduce mindfulness and other social and emotional skills to students and their classroom teachers but doesn’t know where to start?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please contact Teaching Well to find out more about…

In-Service Presentations

Staff Development

Teacher Book Studies

Graduate Level Courses

One-on-One Teacher Wellness Coaching

Guest Classroom Teaching Opportunities

Specific topics can include…

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Self Care

Mindful Habit Building

Mindfulness & Social Emotional Learning

Mindfulness, Neuroscience and Executive Functioning

Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness for Paraprofessionals and Other Support Services

Mindfulness, Positivity, Kindness and Compassion

“Danielle had a great personality and was very professional and relatable.  The professional development provided a very practical experience.”

~Terry Howarth, M.O.T. Charter School, Delaware


Danielle’s passion for the positive effects of mindfulness in her own personal life and in her classroom shines through in her presentation. She is able to relate to her audience very well and provides a very welcoming and calm atmosphere for her participants to learn and apply the concepts she is teaching. It is clear that Danielle believes deeply in the concept of mindfulness and “practices what she preaches” in her daily life both in and out of the classroom.

~Denise Logue, Cocalico School District, Pennsylvania

Example Professional Development Programs
Single Session

1-2 hours

Mindfulness Makes a Difference


Participants will


  • Discover what mindfulness isn’t…and what it is.


  • How mindfulness practice benefits teachers by…
    • reducing stress.
    • helping to respond skillfully and calmly to stressful situations.
    • changing the way our brains work (neuroplasticity)


  • Experience bringing mindfulness practices to everyday activities.


  • Detailed support to start their own personal practice.


  • Practical strategies for how to bring practices to their classrooms.


**This session is also relevant for paraprofessionals, administrators, secretarial staff, and other school personnel

 Multiple Sessions OR Full Day Intensive

Times Vary Depending on Need

Mindfulness for Teachers & Their Students

Participants will


  • Analyze the theory and practice of mindfulness and how it can inform classroom experiences.


  • Analyze the concepts and of mindfulness of thoughts/emotions, mindful communication, gratitude and self-compassion and  employ reflective practices.


  • Demonstrate how mindfulness can work in a classroom setting and help inform teaching practice through analyzing classroom scripts.


  • Design a plan to implement mindfulness resources into personal practice OR classroom instruction OR school/district level. 


  • Design and implement a plan to improve personal health and well-being through intention writing and creating SMART goals. 
 Mindfulness Teacher Training

12 Week, Hybrid Online & In Person

Mindful Schools Curriculum Training


Teaching Well will provide in-person support and group facilitation while teachers go through Mindful Schools online course curriculum training.  Upon completion of the two courses, teachers will be certified to teach the Mindful Schools mindfulness curriculum to students.


Successful completion of courses will give teachers unlimited lifetime access to…


  • Curriculum for All Levels
    •  Pre-K to 2 Kindness Curriculum: 24 modules for ages 3-6, from Center for Healthy Minds
    • K to 5 Curriculum: 30 modules for ages 5-12
    • Middle & High School Curriculum: 25 modules for ages 12-17


  • Student workbooks


  • Manuals on facilitation, classroom management plus a Parent Manual and Classroom Manual


  • Summaries of neuroscience concepts


  • Program evaluation tools


  • Over 150 resources for teaching mindfulness to youth in our online Resource Center


Teaching Well will be there to guide teachers every step of the way as they learn about mindfulness and how to teach this curriculum to students.  This teacher training is a great program for groups of teachers who are interested in teaching mindfulness to students but are apprehensive about teaching it themselves.


Participants will learn


  • The basics of mindfulness meditation


  • How to work with thinking that arises while practicing mindfulness


  • Techniques for meeting and navigating intense emotions


  • Practices that cultivate positive states of mind like gratitude, kindness, joy & compassion


  • The role mindfulness plays in communication and interaction


  • How to develop a daily sitting practice


  • How to accurately present the research on mindfulness and youth


  • Basic neuroscience of attention and emotion


  • How to work with youth at different developmental stages


  • Group facilitation and classroom management skills


  • How to present to administrators, school, and agency staff


Working with Teaching Well to go through the Mindful Schools Curriculum Training will enable teachers to have in-person support which is an invaluable resource to insure the success of the curriculum implementation and will entitle groups to get a larger group discount not otherwise available to schools.

“Practicing mindfulness has helped me to handle stress more effectively. It not only helps me calm down in the classroom in certain situations, but it also teaches the students that it is possible to control your reactions.”


“Once I was able to use/master the mindfulness skills in my personal life, I naturally carried my behaviors into the classroom.”


“I was able to start applying the information and practices immediately and found that it did impact my teaching in positive ways.”


“I feel like my classroom has become a more peaceful and productive environment.”


“I am now able to recognize changes in my body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing as indicators of my mental fitness and adjust accordingly.”


“Mindfulness has helped me to be less stressed overall at school as well as at home.”

Danielle Nuhfer and Teaching Well are honored to have worked with
the following districts and organizations:
Antietam School District
Berks County Intermediate Unit
Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit
Cocalico School District
Colonial Intermediate Unit
M.O.T. Charter School
Reading School District
Renaissance Academy
Thom Stecher and Associates
Westmoreland County Intermediate Unit