Pillar 7 {Relationships} Summer of Self-Care

Now that we’ve gone through these self-care pillars all summer long you have taken time to look at many different facets of your life.  As humans, one of the things that we yearn for most is connecting with others. Many of these self-care pillars probably included considerations for others in your life, but this week we are making it our deliberate focus.  

I hope you enjoy spending this last week of our self-care summer connecting with others, whether they be a significant other, a child, or a friend.  

We all know it only gets more difficult to find time for this connection when the school year really gets rolling, so enjoy taking some time this week to connect with someone important in your life.

Resources for the Week

This week, I really wanted to give you a “choose your own adventure” format when it comes to exploring your relationships. There is no doubt that the quality of our relationships and our connection to others is a necessary component to overall well-being and our ability to thrive. So this week start with ONE of the following 3 options below to explore this week. 

1. The Love Languages 

If you haven’t taken this assessment, I strongly suggest that you start here: https://www.5lovelanguages.com/quizzes/

 It is so important to recognize your own love language and to be able to communicate to others. The child assessment is so helpful to learn how your child displays and needs to be shown love. We are all made up differently and the more we develop an understanding of the needs of our loved ones, the better our connections become.

There are 4 different assessments on this page: 

  • One for Couples (I suggest both partners take it)
  • For people who are single
  • For Teens (You could take on behalf of your teenager, or have the take it)
  • For Children (You might need to do this on behalf of your little one)

2. The Conscious Parenting Masterclass on Calm by, Dr. Shefali Tsabary: https://app.www.calm.com/program/Q1Cu-jOq2/conscious-parenting

I have listened to several podcasts and talks from Dr. Shefali and her words of wisdom have been very helpful in my own parenting journey. If you would like to focus on your relationship with your own children, or your students, this is a good one to listen to.

3. 36 Questions to Fall In Love from The New York Times

This is an exercise where you sit down with someone and answer these 36 questions as a way to “fall in love”. I honestly think that what it does is create connection and vulnerability and can be a great way to foster an existing relationship, or spark a new one.

Action for the Week

Connect with a special person to you in some way. You could use one of the previous exercises or just spend some extra time taking deliberate steps toward creating connection.


Share… your reflection and/or your one thing you did for your{RELATIONSHIP} self-care (bonus points for multiple ways!)…

  • Email me with some of your reflections.
  • Post your reflection in the comment section here
  • Share it with a friend, family member or someone else who will help you stay accountable.

Has any of this process of reflection about your self-care of your {RELATIONSHIPS} supported your summer SMART Goal?  Is there anything you’ve discovered about yourself that you want to explore more during these next few weeks?

What about your reflections on the entire self-care summer?  What was a big win? How are you going to keep this momentum going into the school year?

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