Pillar 6 {Fun, Play & Flow} Summer of Self-Care

Hopefully you have found some time to have fun this summer, if you haven’t been intentional about fun, then this week’s pillar of self-care is for you!

This week we’re focusing on fun, play, and flow.  In my experience, we often reserve these kinds of activities to the bottom of our to-do list and perhaps don’t ever get around to having fun and just playing.  But this week just plan on HAVING FUN! 

Resources for the Week

1.Listen (or read) the NPREd Broadcast “Play Doesn’t End With Childhood: Why Adults Need Recess Too” 

2. Next get acquainted with the concept of “FLOW” through watching this short video illustration.

This concept of FLOW is something you’ve probably experienced when you work on a hobby or participate in an activity that you love.  This idea of finding those activities/fun/play that put you in a state of flow can be incredibly powerful.  

3. Now you find out your “Flow Profile” by participating in this short survey.  This will give some ideas about what kinds of activities most put you in a state of flow.  

Action for the Week

Go out and have fun, get into flow, play .


Share… your reflection and/or your one thing you did for your fun, play, & flow self-care (bonus points for multiple ways!)…

  • Email me with some of your reflections.
  • Post your reflection in the comment section here
  • Share it with a friend, family member or someone else who will help you stay accountable.

Has any of this process of reflection about your self-care of your {FUN, PLAY & FLOW} supported your summer SMART Goal?  Is there anything you’ve discovered about yourself that you want to explore more during these next few weeks?

If one of your goals is to create a more balanced daily self-care routine, please check out Teaching Well’s FREE COURSE 4 Self-Care Solutions in Five Minutes a Day.

Danielle Nuhfer

Here are a few titles I go by...teacher, student, gardener, runner, nature-lover, writer and meditator. I care deeply about my own journey to wellness and want to inspire others to walk this path. Inspiring others to discover the value of mindfulness, positive psychology and other holistic health practices is my life's work.

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