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The Weekly Well Wish is meant to contain small sips of self-care that you can take with you throughout your week.


…I write them to remind you the self-care moments that you seek are within your reach.


…I write them as a respite and a reprieve from working with students so that you can build your resiliency reserves.


…I write them to encourage you to pause and breathe in the midst of your hectic and busy days so that you can find the equanimity needed to build compassionate classrooms. 


…I write them to empower you as an educator to take self-care into your own hands, not as a luxury purchase but as a radical act of transformation.  When we transform.  Our systems transform.


…I write them to encourage you to see self-care as digging deeply into your own story while living in the present moment so that we can do the work of educating all of our world’s children.  


…I write them to empower you to build resilience and maintain equanimity in the midst of our ever changing school systems.  

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“Practicing mindfulness has helped me to handle stress more effectively. It not only helps me calm down in the classroom in certain situations, but it also teaches the students that it is possible to control your reactions.”


“Once I was able to use/master the mindfulness skills in my personal life, I naturally carried my behaviors into the classroom.”


“I was able to start applying the information and practices immediately and found that it did impact my teaching in positive ways.”


“I feel like my classroom has become a more peaceful and productive environment.”


“I am now able to recognize changes in my body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing as indicators of my mental fitness and adjust accordingly.”


“Mindfulness has helped me to be less stressed overall at school as well as at home.”