“Practicing mindfulness has helped me to handle stress more effectively. It not only helps me calm down in the classroom in certain situations, but it also teaches the students that it is possible to control your reactions.”


“Once I was able to use/master the mindfulness skills in my personal life, I naturally carried my behaviors into the classroom.”


“I was able to start applying the information and practices immediately and found that it did impact my teaching in positive ways.”


“I feel like my classroom has become a more peaceful and productive environment.”


“I am now able to recognize changes in my body temperature, heartbeat, and breathing as indicators of my mental fitness and adjust accordingly.”


“Mindfulness has helped me to be less stressed overall at school as well as at home.”

“Mindfulness has helped me be more aware of my surroundings and make me feel safe.”


“It’s made me look at my family members and better analyze what emotions they are feeling and gives me an opportunity to know how to respond to them.”


“If I feel like I’m going to cry, I just do deep breathing and it usually helps.”


“The main thing I learned is that mindfulness isn’t just putting your emotions to the side, it’s noticing them and making yourself aware of them.”


“Mindfulness has helped with my stress, especially with tests and assignments.”


I taught some of these things to my mom.  She is always complaining about how stressful her day is at work…She told me she noticed it helps relieve stress.”